Luxury Fairway Homes in the Comox Valley

Luxury homes with great views from their yards can be found all over the Comox Valley. This is also true for views of golf courses and the beauty that they share. There are seven golf courses located in and around Courtenay and Comox. Golfers and duffers alike can book times and play a round on the Comox Golf Club course, Sunnydale Golf and Country Club course, Mulligans Golf Course, Longlands Golf Course, Glacier Greens Golf Course and the course at the Crown Isle Resort and Golf Community. While there are homes located near all of the courses, only one offers luxury homes nestled in and around its scenic vistas. Crown Isle offers luxury fairway homes as well as luxury homes throughout this high end subdivision.

Many of the courses in the Comox Valley have interesting spectators watching the golfers go about their recreational activity. So if you are new to the area and are not aware of the local furry residents that inhabit the local courses watch out for the deer. They are well accustomed to the local golfers and they often move across the courses at a snail’s pace. Families of deer accompanied by their fawns can be seen throughout the year enjoying what the courses have to offer them.

Crown Isle homes that adorn the golf course fairways and greens are priced above the luxury homes that are not right on the golf course. Back a few years the price point differential was around $100K but that difference in price has dropped recently as the demand for custom homes located near, but not on, the golf course has risen. Some of the first homes built definitely had the golfer in mind with features such as small garages for golf carts but this has become far less common now with most custom built homes focused on high end finishing details and features to meet the refined tastes of their new owners. Residents of Crown Isle do not have to be golfers. In fact, it would be fair to say that many are not.

Home construction at Crown Isle is in full swing and will be for many years to come as many of the more than 700 acres of this luxury residential housing development are yet to be developed in Courtenay East. Custom built single family home predominate the local landscape with many of the residents formerly residing in other provinces. They are now here to enjoy the laid back lifestyle of this sophisticated subdivision and all of the amenities that the Comox Valley has to offer that are a short drive (and in some cases walk) away. Crown Isle has set the bar high to maintain the sophisticated elegance of the homes that make up this part of the Comox Valley.

If you are looking for a change from the hustle and bustle of city life and harsh winters perhaps it is time to consider making Crown Isle your new home. This area offers luxury living close to shopping, recreational and social activities. It also offers easy airport access when you want to jet set away to your favourite holiday destination. Contact Brett Cairns of RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty for help finding your new luxury home in the Comox Valley to start to enjoy living in one of the most temperate climates in Canada.…

Luxury Multi-generational Homes

For many people luxury homes are a dream but not a realty. This may be the case for any number of reasons. As people age, however, their needs, tastes, and means often change. Later in life when people have the means to buy these types of homes they may no longer want them. While this cycle of life is often the case so is the fact that residential needs have changed over the past decade. Now, for example, the number of children under the age of 14 living with a grandparent has increase roughly 45%. At the same time, the number of young adults aged 20 to 29 living in the parental home has increase about 55%.Moreover, the number of Canadians aged 65 and older is higher than ever and increasing as life expectancy increases. While the total numbers are still relatively small overall, the trend is significant. What are the options when this situation occurs?

Many typical residential homes are not built with a multi-generational family in mind. While some luxury real estate listings in the seaside Town Comox include a secondary suite, the result is often a situation that does not cater well to the needs of the eldest to the youngest family members. The grandparents, children and grandchildren all have different needs and tastes. A few homes have been built with this in mind. These multi-generational residences can meet the needs of all three generations while offering them an affordable option. In doing so, these home may also offer a more luxurious lifestyle than any of each of the generations could realize while living in separate homes.

A multi-generational home may have a fairly regular home at its core and central area. Attached to it may be a secondary suite for more elderly people requiring extra care or attention. There may also be a home within a home attached to the main residence that offers privacy to its residents without the need for the access required by assisted living residents. Main floor bedrooms, extra hand rails, walk in bathtubs, stair lifts or elevators to second floors may be some of the features of these homes.

This upwards trend is not unlike that which existed prior to the Second World War when sharing a household with extended family was more common. These types of living arrangements seek to balance the need or desire to live with more family members and the need for privacy and control over individual living spaces. When families are faced with these types of independent and assisted living situations and needs, multi-generational family homes may be the answer and a “win-win” for those involved. Affordable luxury may be an added bonus. Contact Brett Cairns of REMAX Ocean Pacific Realty for information on luxury courtenay multi-generational family homes in the Comox Valley.…