What You Need to Know About Building Permits in Calgary

For a homeowner, it can be confusing trying to understand when to apply for a permit and when it is not necessary. Sometimes it may seem easier to ask a home builder Calgary company to do all that but for your own good, it is best to be knowledgeable about the requirements in Calgary. Here is some vital information to help you.

Instances When You Need Building Permits

If you are erecting any structure or building that is over 1.2 meters high, then you will need a building permit. This requirement also includes the construction of swimming pools – even if it is more of digging than erecting, it also includes hot tubs and retaining walls that may exceed the stipulated height.

So if you are making modifications to your house that will involve structures that are over 1.2 meters, you will need a building permit. You can find a detailed application procedure and the needed forms here http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Pages/Permits/Building-permits/Building-Permit-application-requirements-forms-brochures.aspx



There are some cases in Calgary that may not need permits. These include: Well obviously a retainer wall below 1.2 meters would not need a permit, setting up sidewalks for your home, putting up a fence, painting the house or carrying out general maintenance or decoration of the home, when you carry out repairs of a minor nature using the same materials as those for maintenance as long as they do not involve electrical or mechanical work. Also setting up accessory buildings like a dog house, a shade or children’s playhouse that do not exceed 10 square meters and are not a hazard of any sought. If you have a good real estate developer they can advise you on other exemptions.


Electrical and Plumbing Permits

For any electrical or plumbing maintenance or installation, a separate permit is needed. This is usually obtained by the contractor you hire. If you choose to do it on your own, it is still best to have a contractor advise you on the procedure of securing the necessary permit if you have never done it before.

For a homeowner doing their own electrical or plumbing installation of repair, a homeowner’s permit is needed. To qualify for this, however, it is a requirement that the home is for one family, you need to be the owner of the home and the one dwelling in there and the installation work must be carried out by you.



When it comes to gas and heating, this should only be done by a trained contractor who will also get the necessary permit.

It goes without saying that the permits attract a fee so you will need to be ready to pay for the different permits as advised by your home builder.…

Get Rid Of Your Boring Home Once And For All

budget-home-designOwners who have lived in their home for a long time may experience a period when they think that the way their home looks overall has turned a bit too simple and even boring, and this is where a good team of custom home builders can come to your rescue. With your new ideal of a home that is a bit more modern and up to date, take the time to secure the hired help of these pros and see how you can finally turn your home into a more fun and enjoyable place to live in and welcome family and guests.

Design Changes

There are some homes that have clearly stood the test of time but have become a bit too simple for many homeowners, which in turn can be transformed into a new and well designed haven through some of the latest home trends. Have the time to consult with your chosen team of home builders to see to it how much you can customize your home in terms of changing up some of design features and other interesting additions both outside and inside your home, making it look as if it were brand new.

Playing With Space

At times it can take just a few adjustments on your home space to turn things very interesting and look like a brand new home to your eyes and to everyone who gets to visit you, all that is needed is a bit of a change up on the space you use. Additionally playing with how each area of your home looks and is design can also help capture a brand new feel to your home interiors, so take the time to change up some of the fixtures in each of your home spaces for a different feel.

Adding and Subtracting Elements

Although there are some classic and well appreciated designs and fixtures that have lasted for so many years, there are also a lot of home trends that have captured the current and modern home designs these days, which in turn leaves many homeowners a bit delayed on their own home progress. When it comes time to bring a bit more intrigue for your home and stay away from its boring state, it may take some subtraction of the old trends and the addition of the new to really be able to have a better overall look and feel for your priced home.…